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Victor Safe and Lock Safe (early 1900's)

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  • Victor Safe and Lock Safe (early 1900's)

    I have a customer who has a safe and the combination. It's an old Victor Safe and Lock safe. (I don't do a lot of work on safes, so I'm new here)

    According to them, the dial goes from 0 to 59. The last number is 62. I'm guessing the 62 is the number 2. But the other question I have is what would be the dialing pattern? There are 3 numbers. I'm guessing Left to the first number, right twice to the second number, then left to third number, and finally right to retract the bolt, as there is no handle or turn.

    If you need more info, please let me know. I haven't physically seen the safe yet.

    Thanks much in advance!

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    Re: Victor safe

    Generally a three-dial safe lock goes R-L-R. Spin the dial at least 4 revolutions clockwise to get all wheels in correct rotation. 1) Rotate the dial clockwise three rotations and stop on the first number in your combination. 2) Slowly rotate the dial counterclockwise. The second time the second number appears at the dial marker, stop. 3) Slowly rotate the dial clockwise. The first time your third number appears at the dial marker, stop. 4) Slowly rotate the dial counterclockwise. If you have the correct combination, you should feel the lever drop in and the bolt will be pulled back to the unlocked position within 1/4 of a turn. If the safe does not open, reverse directions to a L-R-L sequence and try again.


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      victor safe

      The dialing order for a victor sfae with a Y&T lock is L4- R3- L2- R to open.
      The safes that were manufactured after 1917 -- R4 -L3-R2- L1 .Post a pic or email it I will be happy to help you .


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