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Browning gun safe, lock handing?

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  • Browning gun safe, lock handing?

    I have a customer (now a widow) whose husband recently died, and he took the combinations to 2 safes with him. One is an Amsec / Star square-bodied in-the-floor safe that is mounted in the basement concrete wall (I know that handing), and the other is a Browning Pro-Steel gun safe, bolted to a floor in a corner of a closet. The Browning is "about" 25 years old (she says) and it has an odd arrangement of dial & handle... this is a safe I've never encountered in 30 years in the biz. The the L-shaped bolt handle is in the center of the door (left to right, 1/3 down from top), and the dial for the S&G 6730 is between the handle and the opening edge of the door, just a few inches from door edge. It's really tight quarters in that closet, and drilling will be difficult as it is, so I'd prefer to only drill one hole through the hardplate. But I'm not 100% certain if the lock is mounted verticle down, or is mounted right handed, facing the handle. If it's a carrier bar that is moved horizontally to open, by the handle, it's likely mounted VD. But if there's a cam on the handle, it's going to be RH. But the dial is a good 6" from'd be a very large cam, which makes me lean toward VD.

    If I drill for the drop in at VD, and it's not, I can always scope the wheels, and using my emergency dial, walk it around 25 numbers at a time. But if anyone knows the true handing, it'd make my job easier.

    If I don't get a reply by the time I drill, I'll come back and post the answer to my own question.

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