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Haworth cabinet codes

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  • Haworth cabinet codes

    Does anyone out there have any code info on the Haworth series HW001-HW300,using HW prefix? I have a list of keys to cut by code ranging from HW009 to HW 083. They use the HAW5 or ilco 1683.
    I would appreciate any info on this series.
    Shawn@Action Lock & Safe
    NewBrunswick, Canada

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    Haworth Codes

    Haworth will not release the HW series (HW001-HW300). We do have the depth and spaces and have collected some of the actual codes. When in the unlocked position, the plug can be removed by lifting the retainer at the rear of the keyway. There is also a master key for this series but no aftermarket key manufacturer is currently making the master key blank. You can E-mail me at: for further information.


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      Haworth codes

      If you can collect a bunch of HW codes will you add them to Codes Express? I did about 10 or 15 codes on that job and kept a record of the depths. I'd be glad to share.


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