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    Anyone out there currently signed up with Service Magic? Supposedly those seeking a locksmith in their area log onto their website, and this company forwards the inquiry to a partner locksmith in that area. Supposedly SM has "contracted" with ALOA to provide this service to ALOA members, sans the "usual" $99 membership fee.

    We're seeking "references" of anyone currently using the service. SM suggested we contact ALOA; ALOA suggested contacting SM. We're trying to establish:

    Is SM legit?
    What is your experience concerning the so-called leads?
    What fees are involved?
    How is the paperwork handled?
    Is SM relatively easy to deal with?

    Thank you in advance,

    J Reed
    Reed's Lock & Access Control, Inc.

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    From the reports I have read on ClearStar and Internet Locksmith forums, there are more negatives than positives. Service Magic is nothing more than a referal company. You pay $6 for each referal whether you get the job or not. I cannot comment on whether they are a good or bad company to work with. They can never owe you money as they do not contract you to do a job and then pay you. You only pay them for the referals. My personal opinion is that this would be ok if you paid only for the jobs you got, but not for just a referal for a job you do not get.

    They have no formal relationship with ALOA. This is why ALOA cannot give out info on the company. They just made an offer to ALOA members. A good source for sales leads. If you needed to sell to locksmiths, where better to go to contact them.