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    Does anyone know what key blank will fit the harbor freight padlocks . They are called security brand . My son in law used a c-17 and there was a 6 under that . It worked but he had to file a little metal off the flat edge . It takes 12 locks on my rental building . If I put expensive locks the tenants take them when they leave . They don't take the harbor freight locks but they don't return the keys . I have my key but not enough to give the next tenant . Those keys only show China , no numbers . I hate for my son in law to have to file on the keys after he makes them for me . The fist time he did it for me he had 2 blanks that worked perfect but he can't remember the number . These are the large security brand padlocks

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    Only an experienced locksmith can tell which blank one has to be chosen for the right lock.
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      4 piece padlock set will fit but it's better to concern with a professional locksmith


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        Proffesional locksmith will know it better.
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          It's better to concern with certified and professional locksmith