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  • Ideal Security lock

    Someone sent me photos of this lock and need to know how to remove it. If anyone has any clue please let me know.

    Click the photos for a larger image.


    James A Hanna, CEO
    J&M Lock
    Springfield, MO

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    Re: removing lock

    There are two windows next to the keyway on the lock unit. Two 'wings' are attached to the cylinder and the 'wings' cover the windows. The plug must be turned by picking or with the proper key. The 'wings' will then be out of the way and the windows will be open. Take a stiff probe like a large nail or a hex wrench and clamp it in a vise grip. Insert the probe in one of the windows and press firmly inward. You should feel a spring pressure. If not, insert the probe in the other window. While exerting inward pressure with the probe, turn the inner handle unit counterclockwise. The handle will come off the lock unit and reveal four retainer screws which hold the outer and inner lock parts onto the door. Note: this lock is discontinued. Parts are made out of diecast and very prone to breaking. Notify your customer that you cannot guarantee how much longer the lock will operate so you are not blamed for the almost certain failure in the not-too-distant future.


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      I think they were wanting to remove it anyway to replace it with a different type of lock.

      Thanks for the info.