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Garage door handle lock

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  • Garage door handle lock

    I have simple one the key code on the lock it self on the garage handle has been change looks like regular stanley handle waffer lock.
    Same cylinder that fits into most desks i can usally a pick it with lockmasters waffer pick, and the cylinder will usally come out not this this one not coming out! ....any ideas buy new handle assembly?

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    Re: Garage handle

    Garage door locks are made to be more secure than desk locks. The cylinders are often designed not to be removed for servicing. You will either have to fit a key by impressioning or replace the handle unit.


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      many T handles use a wafer that cannot be pulled down from the front. In some cases you can drill on the outside to locate the retainer and press to release plug, but others have a roll pin instead of a retainer disc.


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        Why don't you seek help from garage door expert who deals in these doors, They will let you know the things to keep in mind while installing the handle locks.


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          The lock of the door in my garage side has been out of order now as first it was working automatically but not now. I want the lock as the best as my all education has best essay service for the whole life I used from the childhood.


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