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  • Locksmith in Texas

    Hey can someone clear this up for me?
    I grew up in israel, and have experience in the locksmith business in israel.
    I also worked a while here in texas for like 6 months in the same company and in california for like 1 month.
    Im about to finish a professional locksmith course online at pen foster, and the school keeps telling me that it will b no problem to get a locksmith license and even a business license once i finish the course and get my diploma, but everywhere else it says that i have to have at least 3 years of experience working for a licensed locksmith company.
    Can someone tell me what is the deal and how come if i learned it and got an actual diploma and certificate why i cant get a locksmith license so i can start work and create my own leads?
    why tons of people who didnt go to school and bearly have their greencard get a locksmith lickense and open a locksmith company easily while i, a citizent of the usa since birth and paid good money for a school to get my certification as a locksmith, have so much troubles on my way?
    how can i do it withput problems?

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    You must find locksmith near that state and ask them about this. They will tell you how you will get it without problems.