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  • MAC or PC

    Howdy, all, my truck laptop(PC)was built in the stone age, uses Windows 3.1/DOS and can take a floppy in it's side, thats all,

    it is time to upgrade and would like opinions as to buy a MAC or PC laptop,

    I like the idea of the MAC as it can run Windows XP now,

    how many of you folks use a MAC and how many use a PC,

    how many use both, or both OS's

    and your pros and cons, experiances, thoughts and so on,

    Thanks In Advance<"{{{{>=<

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    PC for me

    Hello Howard. I am an Information Technology Manager for a distribution center here in Georgia. I am also a part-time locksmith. It is true that a MAC can run Windows XP but programs such as Microsoft Office have to be the MAC version. Although you could run Open Office I would be leary of going the MAC route simply because I use HPC software such as Masterking and Codesource. I am not sure that these types of programs are supported by MAC and you may want to look into this before making your finial decision. I am a PC fan I guess because I have never really used a MAC. We use MAC's in our art department mainly because they have programs that allow us to create graphic intensive space ads and catalogs. We use PC's in the other departments. I hope this helps you in your decision. I still think MAC has a long way to go before it can compete in the business world.

    I will say that Apple had its act together when they invented iTunes and the iPod. Nothing I have found is more easier to use than iTunes.


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      I prefer Windows. Of course, it has some problems, like it's more vulnerable to viruses but you can install an antivirus and it solves the problem. Check out avast premium review to make sure. And speaking of pros, you have much more software for windows and it's a huge benefit in my opinion.