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    I am servicing a trailer door lock that has 2 locks in the handle. I assume that they are both keyed alike. I cannot find a key blank that will go into the keyway. There is a number (code?) stamped onto on of the locks. It is 9901. Can you provide the cuts and perhaps an idea of what blank I may use?

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    Re: Trailer lock

    9901 is a masterkey number for the CF301-EF350 FIC code series. The blank is a single-sided precut and not made by aftermarket blank mfrs. There should be a code number printed inside the lock unit once you remove it from the door. Regular keys are double-sided using the Ilco 1617/FIC1 blank. If you find the "CF" or "EF" code, we can furnish the correct cuts.
    spacing: 126-220-315-409-504
    depths: 1)260 2)240 3)220
    You can contact FIC at: 800-837-2505


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      Howdy, Jughead, contact FIC at 1 800 837 2505 ask for lock and key department, have them send you their tech manual, Lock and Matching Hardware, it shows all their locks , also shows how to use their Removal key to pull and switch plugs, also you can order a full set of precut keys for all their series and masrers and blanks, you can also get the FIC blanks at Blue Dog Keys,

      there is a company in locksmith company in Portland, Oregon, H E Mithcell also knowen as PLS ?? that sells all the keys and precuts for all the motorhome, trailers, etc...., Tri-Mark, FIC, Braur, Bargman.....and so on, definetly worth the money,

      most of the Tri- Mark blanks Ilco has now ...AP1 AP2 AP3, it is the 1600 series, and others,

      it is a good idea to contact all the Mfgs nd order their cata logs, Bargman, Braur, Tri-Mark , FIC,... as the show their locks and repair parts sets, precuts and blanks...

      FIC is embossed on their locks by the handle and a code is on a paper sticker inside the lock in most cases,

      tri mark has no code only a letter and or key on the lock face, to fit a key, single sided, tak lock off door, with deadbolt retracted and keyway in vertical positon, pick it clockwise to horizontal, look at back of cylinder/ plug and srr small square hole, depress retainer in hole and remove plug, Carefull the wafers can fall out, now find the Tri-mark key or Ilco key that fits both the paddle lockk and the deadbolt lock it, insret blank, sight read the wafers, cut key, test in deadbolt plug and paddle handle and your home free for a Tri-Mark...<:{{{{>=<


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        It sounds like a Tri-Mark, and in my experieces the two are not the same key. I have always been able to impression these though in about two minutes.


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          Ask nearest locksmith to cut a blank for you and problem will be resolved.


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                  It sounds like a Tri-Mark, and in my experieces, the two are not a similar key. I have dependably had the option to impression these however in around two minutes.