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Maplestory M has a total of six playable classes

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  • Maplestory M has a total of six playable classes

    There are a few maps which stand above the rest in terms of mob spawn speed, horse quantity, horse adventure gain, and horse meso drop rate, one of them being the renowned Sky Terrace 2. There you can find that Maplestory M Mesos has all you need to get your expertise and mesos that the"old way" and not getting a bad deal from your time spent doing this.

    If you aren't among the few individuals that want to spend 10 hours every day searching mobs to finance their investment, nicely in Maplestory M you can choose to market your precious items at a high price in the Trade Station, there you can either sell a weapon that was dropped out of a monster for about 100K when the stats are good or you're able to sell the same weapon for nearly 5 million mesos if the stats are"god-like".

    It will depend on your luck on locating equips with good stats or your own luck on scrolling and upgrading your items near end-game status. If you by chance get a logo equipment you can probably earn 100 million mesos by simply selling something like this, it is pretty rare to find a person, but the benefits are worth the time.

    If you're interested in finding a good fight but don't want to spend your time hunting for equips, then you are probably able to choose to go to a Elite Dungeons, which are put you a specific level range and extend good items in return which then could be offered in the trade channel.

    If fighting, or trading or grinding isn't your style, then you are still able to build your luck by doing quests that range from assisting an NPC get a health potion into performing a significant task in different maps that will benefit you with mesos and sometimes equips.

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