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  • a runner-up in the competition

    'I had just started to lose my hair when we did the YOU photo shoot - it's coming back now and I have had it cut very short and dyed a toffee blonde, but I still sometimes wear my wig,' says Theresa. 'You do lose your confidence and being a runner-up in the competition was a huge boost for me.'

    Because Theresa had no symptoms of her cancer and felt so well when she was diagnosed, she has, she says, been 'in shock' ever since, and although she has recovered well from her treatment she does not yet feel ready to return to work and is undergoing therapy.

    'Entering the competition, becoming a runner-up and attending the Breast Cancer Care fashion show was wonderful and played a big part in my physical Cigarettes For Sale Online recovery. One or two of the people there talked about their dark days and I found that very inspiring. Meelia was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2010 and had a mastectomy two weeks later. The operation was so successful that Meelia did not need chemotherapy and instead was treated with monthly injections of Zoladex (which finished last month). Although she will continue to take Tamoxifen for another three years, she is feeling well and had successful reconstructive surgery at the end of last year.

    'I loved the whole experience of being a runner-up in the competition, particularly taking part in the YOU fashion shoot which made me feel so special. Being professionally made-up and styled and wearing these beautiful clothes was wonderful and something I never dreamt would happen to me. People still stop me in the street and say, "I saw you in YOU magazine,"'

    she says.

    Meelia is 5ft 10in, slim and has the poise and looks of a modelling natural, but says that she would never have had the courage to enter a modelling competition before her illness. 'It's funny, but cancer has changed me. When I read about the competition in YOU, I thought, "Why don't I enter?" I would never have done something like that before. I now feel I could get up and do anything, and I am so glad I did enter as it was the most wonderful experience. 'I would say to anyone reading this feature today who has had or is living with breast cancer, "Go on, have a go and enter - you don't know Newport Carton what you can do until you try."'

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