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95 escort ign removal ?

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  • 95 escort ign removal ?

    hellow folks, i had a 95 escort the other day. key wouln't remove from the lock as it wouldn't turn the last little bit to lock to remove the key. decided to R&R it. this was my second one to do and i swore that i'd not do one again after the first. well good customer called and had one to do. i had to do it. anyways. like the first one, i had a real bummer of a time removeing the roll pins. the bottom one (which ya can access pretty easy)came out with a hook kinda tool that i made to get behind the rollpin and pull it out. was successfull at that as the bottom pin was not fully seated. the upper one (which is not easy to access as it is behind the lock cyl. with the dash right behind it)was seated good, could not grab it. i ended up drillin a hole from the face of the lock and pushed (and used my hook kina tool that i made) it out. which wasn't that easy either. are their any better ways that ya all use to get them out?
    i also had a bit of time gettin the replacement in. seemed the lock cyl. was stopped from going in by the tailpiece. ya know the one with the spring between the cyl. and the tailpiece. it did finally go in, but it must have been pure luck as there was no way to control the connection between the lock cyl. and the tailpiece to line them up. any better ideas on how to service this lock? anybody got something good to say about this lock. other than in another 10 years maybe they'll be obsolete.

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    Second method

    Try removing the cable unit which is mounted on a 45 degree angle under the ignition lock. This gives you access to the rear of the ignition cylinder. Bend a hook on the end of a broken lock pick and use it to pull out the "C" clip retainer on the end of the lock plug. Be sure to catch the washers as you pull the cylinder plug out of the housing. This method does not require you to pull the roll pins when servicing the ignition lock plug and the plug can be taken out in a few minutes. It takes a little time to reinstall the washers and "C" clip, but a lot easier and faster than disassembling the whole lock.
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