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  • 1970 Siata

    I have been asked to make keys for a 1970 Siata Spring. I believe it is a car from Spain and may be related to Fiat. Reserch has told me this was the last year this car was made. Does anyone know which blank I can use and depth-spacing so I can generate a new key.

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    Siata keys

    Silca lists an "850 Spring" in the Fiat section of their 503 catalog. The ignition key is a Silca NE20 (Ilco RE61XR) blank. The Siata Spring was an open two-seater. If there is a door key, it would probably be a Silca IAC2 (Ilco AL3) blank. The Nieman ignition may have a code tag on the back of the ignition plug. You will have to remove the electrical switch to access the tag. If you find a code number, we can probably give you code cutting information. Our information shows that the vehicle was made until 1975.
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