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    Are you doing more or less automotive work today?

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    96 cargo van

    Need to know how to replace ignition switch without key


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      Cylinder replacement

      Is this a Ford cargo van? If so, the ignition cylinder must be turned to the 'on' position in order to depress the retainer. Either you must have a working key or the cylinder must be drilled so it can be turned. Ford used two different key systems in 1996. Do you know which system is being used?


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        96 cargo van

        I used progression, its a eight cut, still could not get to turn. Need to know how to drill. I was able to get the door.


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          96 cargo

          I'm sorry, yes Ford


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            The door should have 1-6. If you can tell me what cuts you got from the door, I can tell you what the ignition cuts may be in 7-8. The maximum adjacent cut is 2. Sometimes people read the wrong cuts from the door, then it won't operate the ignition. If all else fails, you can drill out the sidebar (at 9:00 position) and get the lock to turn.


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              96 ford cargo

              I have never drilled one, what about the keyway? Do I drill there also?


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                96 Ford Cargo

                Cannot get key to work ignition, going to drill. need to know what to do after drilling at 9:00, to remove cylindeer


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                  Ford Cargo Van

                  If you are going to drill the lock out, then you will need a new replacement cylinder. I would suggest that you purchase a new cylinder now and inspect it for retainer location and position to drill for the sidebar.